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Concept Art


Set in Lego's Bionicle world, The Insurgent is the epic tale of a matoran's uprising and resistance to an oppressive and secretive rule. A veteran of the fierce battles resulting in the removal of the Krahli order enforcers, conflict and deception are nothing new to him. Emergency enforcement measures have been reinstated to aid in keeping the peace. Despite the calming of the city, a suspicion begins to grow that someone may be planning more than meets the eye...


  • Bionicle as Never Seen Before!
    - Vibrant graphics engine provides unprecedented realism through advanced surfacing, particle, and lighting techniques.
    - Realtime physics allow high levels of user interactivity - watch and feel the world crumble around you!

  • Online Achievements System
    Prove your skill by sharing your achievements online with other players! Click here to see it in action.
    (currently in the final stages of development)

  • 3-Act Storyline
    Progessive updates keep the game fresh and add new environments to explore (and destroy).