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What is The Insurgent?

Metru Nui

Perhaps one player summed it up best: "Epic." The Insurgent is a platform shooter that seeks to raise the bar not only in visual prowess, but in user interactivity as well. Set in Lego's Bionicle world, The Insurgent takes place during the Metru Nui storyling arc, following the story of a single matoran and his attempt to avert total catastrophe from enveloping the city.

What makes The Insurgent so special?

The goal of The Insurgent is to step above and beyond the usual fan game and release a fully featured project comparable to any commercial game on the market. To this end we've incorporated features such as online stat tracking and achievements for players to be able to show off their own abilities. For a full feature list, feel free to check out the Overview.

Cool features aside, we've also made the committment to go all out with the game's engine. Our goal is to incorporate both graphical and physics capabilites rarely seen within the 2D genre. Check out the Media page to see these in action.

If you're already familiar with the game and want to start playing right away, simply head on over to the Download page.